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Love the child

Love the child, for it still has wings,

Amidst the stars, it playfully sings,

Opening the gates to the heavens above,

Your books and wisdom, are not enough now

as God's secrets lie beyond all,

Only through a child's heart, one truly prays.


(Ferenc Móra: Love the Child, excerpt)


Our story

A few enthusiastic families, aiming to pass on their language and culture, established our small group called "Napsugár" (Sunbeam) over 20 years ago in Kingston. From 2006, we continued our work as a South London branch of the London Hungarian School in Morden. However, we grew significantly over time, so from the autumn of 2012, we operate as an independent organization under the name "MOSOLY Magyar Ovi-Suli" (SMILE Hungarian Nursery-School). Alongside this, we relocated to New Malden, where we hold our sessions every other Saturday morning at St. John’s Church.

In the spring of 2016, our organization became a registered charity, and our English name changed to "Hungarian School London." Currently, we have over 75 families and a hundred children attending our school, which is self-sustained and run by our volunteer teachers, organisers and trustees. 


Our Goals

In a joyful, friendly, and nurturing environment, we aim to introduce our children to the Hungarian language, culture, traditions, and values, primarily through play, music, drama, and other creative artistic activities. Community building, supporting our families, organizing cultural events, and maintaining connections with other Hungarian institutions are also vital aspects of our activities. Parents, teachers, and organizers work in perfect harmony, doing everything in their power to make our nursery-school successful. We sincerely believe that only through love, unity, and collaboration can we achieve true results and provide our children with magical, unforgettable experiences.

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