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Hungarian School

A small piece of Hungary in London.
Welcome to our website. Enjoy browsing and have a happy day!

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How to join?

Mosoly Land!

If you would like to belong to a caring, friendly and fun community, and want your child to enjoy speaking Hungarian and to learn more about our rich culture and heritage, look no further. Book a taster session, and have a feel of our awesome community and engaging group sessions where we teach Hungarian through music, dance, drama, literature, celebrations and art & craft. If you enjoyed your visit and decided to join, please click here to fill out the registration form.

We would love to hear from you!


Check our upcoming events, and be a part of the happenings! We celebrate many Hungarian events, traditions throughout the year that take us all back to Hungary.


Creative hands

Celebrations, traditions, special days and even the change of seasons give us endless opportunities to indulge in crafting and to create numerous beautiful artworks. Take a look around and marvel at the enchanting creations of our children!



Here you will find information about membership fees, daily schedule, school regulations, donation and enrolment at our Saturday school.

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